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Ask Dr. Lindsay: Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Drinks

Dr. Lindsay Baker, a senior scientist at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, answers frequently asked questions about sports drinks and  why it is important for young athletes to stay hydrated and consume carbohydrates to perform at their best.

Protein-Rich Breakfasts May Help Obese Teens Manage Weight

New research in adolescents demonstrates that a protein-rich breakfast, containing eggs, improves appetite control and additional research shows that a higher protein diet may help obese adolescents manage weight.

Fighting Obesity A Goal of National Activity Plan

The first national, comprehensive plan to support and encourage physical activity among all Americans has been announced. A wide range of public policy recommendations across eight broad sectors, the National Physical Activity Plan is the product of a ten-month, public/private collaboration of experts in diverse fields. It goes well beyond just telling people to exercise to recommend policies, programs and initiatives that will change  communities in ways that enable all Americans to be physically active, and is, in part, an answer to America's alarming rates of adult and childhood obesity and decreasing levels of physical activity.
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