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Fruit medleyOne of the biggest challenges parents face in raising kids these days is serving them healthy meals and snacks. Getting an active child to sit down for a meal of any kind, much less a well-balanced, made-from-scratch meal with the entire family, as he rushes off to or home from school, sports practices or games, or other activities that cram virtually every nook and cranny of a child's day, has become virtually impossible for many families, especially those headed by single parents.

Our goal is to provide sports parents, especially moms who do the vast majority of grocery shopping and meal preparation, with meals, recipe and snack ideas for the always-on-the-go family of the 21st century.

But to do that we are going to need everyone's help. If you have a meal, menu or snack idea or recipe, a way to put a healthy meal on the table for your family before or after an active day, a shortcut or tip that has saved you precious time and money, we hope you will share what you have learned with other Youth Sports Parents parents. Please consider writing a blog, contributing an article, posting on and/or hosting a Forum, or becoming our Youth Sports Parent expert on cooking on the go. If you know of someone who has knowledge to share, ask him or her to join. Together we can make Youth Sports Parents a true community of sports parents, fight childhood obesity and feed our kids a healthy, well-balanced diet.

-Brooke de Lench

Youth Sports Parents Founder


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