Fast Food Meals Can Be Part of Healthy Diet for Youth Athletes

Eating at fast-food restaurants is common among players in travel sports programs, especially at multi-game tournaments.  But while many fast food meals are high in fat, they can be part of a sports-active child's healthy diet as long as parents follow some simple guidelines.

Feeding Young Athletes On A Budget: A Nutritional Challenge For Busy Sports Parents

A limited food budget creates a nutritional challenge for parents of active kids. The name of the fueling game is: How can you buy enough healthy calories with the least amount of money? These practical tips can help optimize a low-budget sports diet.

Travel Team Nutrition: Tips for Sports Parents, Coaches, and Managers

Proper nutrition for athletes at away games and tournaments don't have to suffer.  Here are some travel team nutrition tips for sports parents, coaches and managers. 

Choosing Low-Fat Items at Fast Food Restaurants

Choosing lower-fat items at fast food restaurants when you and your child are away from home competing in a tournament or event is easy if you know what to look for and what items to avoid.

Tips For Healthy Dining At Ethnic Restaurants

Healthy high-carbohydrate, low fat meals are available at ethnic restaurants. You just have to know what to look for, what to avoid or watch out for, and what the good menu choices are:

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