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Dietary Supplements For Performance Nutrition: Adopt "Food-First" Philosophy, Says NATA

The keys to good health and successful athletic performance are a carefully designed, healthful, and nutritionally balanced diet and well-developed program which promotes a "food-first" philosophy, says a helpful new position statement on evaluating dietary supplements from the National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA).

Injured Athletes: Nutrition Tips to Hasten Healing

Being injured is one of the hardest parts of being an athlete. If your child is unable to exercise due to a broken bone, knee surgery, stress fracture, or concussion, you may wonder: What can she eat to heal quickly? How can she avoid getting fat while she's unable to exercise? Should she be taking supplements? This article will address those concerns, and more.

Nutritional Supplements: Use Only To Fill Gaps & As Insurance, Experts Say

What do top sports dietitians and nutrition experts think of nutritional supplements? If you read their blogs last month, you already know the answer is, not much, with almost all saying that athletes should meet their nutritional needs with food.

Top Sports Nutrition Foods

What foods do leading nutrition experts say are best for sports? MomsTEAM has compiled the top picks of our guest bloggers from October is Sports Nutrition Month.

Nutrition Advice for Sports Parents

Here's some of the nutrition advice for parents we got from a panel of guest nutrition bloggers on how to keep their kids well nourished for sports and school:

Breakfast Ideas for Busy Families

What do top sports nutritionists recommend for breakfast? We've compiled a list from the responses MomsTEAM got during its recent nutrition blog series and put them all in one place.

Quick And Easy Dinners For The Family On The Go

To make life easy for a family always on the go, here all in one place are quick and easy dinner menu ideas from MomsTEAM's blog series featuring top sports nutrition experts.

Jennifer McDaniel: A+ Formula For Breakfast Is Protein + Fiber-Rich Food + Fruit

October is Sports Nutrition rolls on with some creative breakfast ideas from St. Louis-based registered dietitian Jennifer McDaniel: 

MomsTEAM:What do recommend sports-active kids eat for breakfast? 

Eating breakfast scores big, but eating high-quality breakfast foods wins the game. An A+ formula for breakfast includes: protein + fiber-rich food + fruit to ensure a mix of carbohydrates (necessary for brain & muscle energy) and protein (important for muscle growth after a long night's sleep).

Five Tips To Help Your Skinny Child Bulk Up

Genetics plays a powerful role in why some athletes have so much trouble gaining weight (and keeping it on). Although you cannot change your child's genetics and their tendency to fidget, you can boost their calorie intake. Here are five tips on how to help your child bulk-up healthfully and save money in the process.

Martha McKittrick: Kids Are Like Cars - They Can't Run On Empty!

MomsTEAM may be in the final 10 days of October is Sports Nutrition Month, but the great advice from nutrition experts just keeps on coming! 

Today, we here from registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator, Martha McKittrick: 

Martha McKittrick

MomsTEAM:Tell us a little about yourself and why you wanted to get into sports nutrition? 

Think of the food a child eats before and after sports as gas for a car. It can't run on empty, says a top NYC dietitian, and neither can kids.
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