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Unfair Tryout evaluations?

My son is trying out for ninth grade HS basketball team.

The tryout is a summer camp with practices and regular scrimmage games.  I don't think he's the best out therre, but he's not bad.  Based on what my son tells me, I'm starting to think he's not getting a fair shot at making the team for the following reasons:

1) He's gettinjg an exetemenly minimal amount of playing time in the scrimmage games - like 5 minutes per game.

2) The coaches running his group in the camp seem to be basing their evaluations on players they know and like. (To my knowldge these are assistants an/or not the 9nth grade coach who he'd be playing for if he made the team.

3) I briefly observed the main coach running my son's group at a team car wash event and noted that he does seem to acknowledge those players he knows and likes and not the others.

I have some time off coming and am going to use it next week to  attend a couple of practices and at least one of the scrimmage games.  I completely agree that my son should work hard and show a good attitude.   I have not observed that he's had a big problem with this in other leagues he's played in so far.

If I find next week that my son is not showing enough effort and energy - then case closed, he has to learn that lession.

If I find next weeek that I think he's just not getting a fair shot that I think there's some favoritiism going on, what are my best options?  I am not inclined to let my son get railroaded if there's bad coaching involved.