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MomsTeam Advertising Requirements

Images displayed on MomsTeam.com must be appropriate size, resolution, and aspect ratio. MomsTeam.com may re-size images to conform to design requirements. All images should be supplied in the appropriate size and aspect ratios as specified below. MomsTeam.com cannot guarantee the appearance of online images provided in other sizes, resolutions, or aspect ratios.

There are no looping restrictions. Animated GIF, Flash and HTML banners are allowed. MomsTeam.com is capable of most banner formats (Java, daughter windows, etc) and does have the ability to support rich media.


General Conditions:

  • Banners and insertion orders or contracts must be received 3 business days before they are to launch. 

  • Rich media requires a test period of five business days prior to campaign launch date and subject to approval by MomsTeam.com.

  • Rates are gross and subject to change by MomsTeam.com without notice.

  • MomsTeam has the right to modify or alter banner colors and sizes/shapes to conform to MomsTeam's website design.

  • Advertiser and its agency agree not to make any reference to MomsTeam its trademarks or its properties without the prior written permission of MomsTeam.

  • Advertisements are accepted upon the representation that the advertiser and its agency have the right to authorize publication of the contents thereof. In consideration of such publication, advertiser and its agency agree to indemnify, defend and hold publisher harmless against any expense, claim or loss arising out of publication.

  • All advertisements are subject to acceptance by the Copy Acceptance Committee in Boston, Massachusetts. Publisher reserves the right not to accept any advertisement, insertion order, space reservation or position commitment at any time.

  • Advertising representatives have no authority to approve or accept any advertisement or commit MomsTeam to position of reservation space.

  • Positioning of advertisements is at the discretion of MomsTeam, except when a request for a specific preferred position is agreed to in writing by MomsTeam.

  • All insertion orders are accepted subject to provisions of our current rate card.

  • Publisher shall have the right to hold advertiser and/or its advertising agency jointly and severally liable for such moneys as are due and payable to publisher for advertising that advertiser or its agency ordered and that was published.

  • No conditions other than those set forth in this rate card shall be binding on the publisher unless specifically agreed to in writing by the publisher. Publisher will not be bound by conditions printed or appearing on order blanks or copy instructions that conflict with provisions of this rate card, except as provided herein.