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A-Rod's Admission of Steroid Use Another Lesson For Kids That Users Are Just Cheating Themselves

The admission by New York Yankee superstar Alex Rodriguez that he used performance enhancing drugs from 2001 to 2003 while playing for the Texas Rangers is just the latest in a sorry stream of admissions about the use of steroids by current and former Major League Baseball players.  President Obama said Rodriquez's confession to ESPN's Peter Gammons "tarnishes an entire era to some degree."  He re-stated the obvious when he said  that drugs use by sports stars "sent the wrong message to the nation's youth."

Steroid Testing Program Ends a Long Debate

I read with interest a recent ( June 3, 2008) article in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel: Steroid testing ends to mixed reviews- "Florida's decision last summer to implement a steroid testing program for high school athletes made national headlines.
But now that most state-sanctioned sporting events have ended, so has the one-year pilot program.
The result?

Of approximately 600 athletes, only one tested positive, said FHSAA spokeswoman Cristina Alvarez."


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