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Sports Safety Training Courses For Coaches Recommended

Studies show that high school1 and youth2,4 coaches generally lack knowledge of first aid and the recognition and management of injuries.  No mandated national coaching education program exists in the United States for youth sports, and the requirements for high school coaches vary from state to state, with some requiring only first aid and CPR certification.

A number of organizations offer coaching education programs, however, which provide information related to proper biomechanics of sporting skills, nutrition, physical conditioning, development of athletes, and prevention, recognition, and management of injuries.  In its recent position statement on overuse injuries,3 the National Athletic Trainers' Association recommends completion of at least one of the following courses for all coaches working with child or adolescent athletes:

Organization Training Focus
Web Address

National Athletic Trainers' Association Sports Safety for Youth Coaches


Recognition of illnesses and injuries, safe playing conditions, training and conditioning, emergency planning
 Online  http://www.nata.org/Sports-safety-for-youth-coaches-course
National Youth Sports Coaches Association

General youth sports

Sport-specific training

 Online  https://www.nays.org/onlinepromo/OnlineHome.html
American Sports Education Program

Technical and tactical skills of sport

CPR, AED certification, coaching essentials, and sports first aid courses

 Online  http://www.asep.com/
National Center for Sports Safety (PREPARE)
Sports safey that teaches participants to recognize and prevent common athletic injuries, emergency preparedness, first aid management, and sport enjoyment
 Online  http://www.sportssafety.org/prepare/
American Red Cross
Environmental hazards, emergency situations, and decision-making for first aid care  Classroom  http://www.redcross.org/services/hss/courses/sports.html
National Federation of State High School Associations

"Fundamentals of Coaching" course

Online first aid course








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Updated and revised June 14, 2012