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Modified Equipment and Courts/Fields for youth sports

I am a teaching professional in the sport of tennis.  While looking for information on the size of youth basketballs, courts, rim heights, etc, I discovered momsTeam and an article written by Bob Bigelow regarding the subject of age-appropriate standards for basketball.  Tennis is going through a major international change in modifying equipment to fit players of all ages.  There are not 4 balls with changes in the compression to allow the bounce height appropriate for each size player.  The courts are reduced in sizes, the nets are adjusted.  All this makes tennis easier to learn and allows earlier success as a player.  Bob's article states the same principles we are applying to the game of tennis.  It was refreshing to see other experts realizing that the modification of equpiment is necessary to allow players of all sizes and ages to use proper technique and mechanics when participating in the sport.  Thanks, Bob for being an advocate of our youth.