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Cut from baseball team because of politics. Where do I turn?

I need advise, I will start with a little back ground.We live in a close knit community. My son has played baseball most of his life. He just turned 15yrs old . He started in recreation league for 3 years then started trying out for travel baseball. started out fine, we then started having trouble with the coach and went to travel ball commitee and filed complaints . our son then was pretty much forced to play for another community and then moved on to playing club ball .Hoping the past was behind us he tried out for the highschool team. Did a great job some of his friends thought that he could posibly make jv.(he is a freshman). The sad thing is he was cut from the team all together.The coach is friends with the  person in which was travel ball commissioner. (The coach is new this year) . We truly believe he was being discriminated against.Im not sure where we should go with this matter. I also have a son in seventh grade who is a very good baseball player and are worried about when he reaches HS. My son is devastated. Baseball is his only sport he plays all year .I would really appreciate your opinions.