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Concussion Awareness

My Junior year I was a member of the school basketball team. I loved every moment of it and was a pretty decent player. It was our senior night and the gym was PACKED. It was a pretty close game and was getting down to the wire when I went up for a lay up. I was boxed out mid air pretty hard by a larger girl. All I remember is trying to get my feet down to land then feeling my whole body slam to the ground, then everything went black. I remember coming to feeling as if it had been seconds and realizing that THE GAME WAS STILL GOING ON! (I found out later that the game had been going on for over a minute and a half and even with the fans yelling at the refs they didn't stop it!) it took all my might to stand up and walk to the bench by myself. I was so dizzy it felt as if the whole world was tilting. I managed to sit on the bench and there it was again. Black. When I came to the boys varsity coach was sitting on the bench with me asking me questions that I couldn't answer (we don't have a trainer). He told me to stay on the bench after the game. So I did. After the game some school faculty came and told me we were gonna go to a quiet place to sit. Well when we showed up it wasn't very quiet. There were the paramedics waiting for me!  Worst part was that my parents weren't at the game so I had to face everything by myself. Anyways point of the story is that yes I had a pretty serious concussion, but why didn't the refs stop the game? Why did nobody come help me off the court?