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SmartTeams™ Talk: NCAA's Hainline Sees Overspecialization and Overuse Injuries As Signs of Broken Youth Sports Model

In a wide-ranging, provocative, and, at times, spiritual SmartTeams Talk, Brian Hainline, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, discusses two major NCAA-funded research studies on sport-related concussions and the organization's efforts to address mental health issues among college athletes (surprisingly,the NCAA's number one concern for student-athletes), and laments the consequences of the lack of free, unstructured play among youth in terms of physical illiteracy and obesity, and identifies the alarming trend toward sports specialization and the overuse injury epidemic as signs of a broken youth sports model. 

For the e-book on mental health issues, Dr. Hainline references in his SmartTeam™ Talk, click here.