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Christie Rampone: Nutrition and Hydration Advice For Aspiring Athletes

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MomsTEAM has designated October as Sports Nutrition Month, and invited some old friends and some new ones to share their wisdom about nutrition by responding to a series of questions. We hope their answers will offer the always on-the-go sports parents we know you are some fresh ideas and choices for healthy, easy-to-make breakfasts, lunches, dinners and between-meal snacks for your active children.

Christie Rampone with gold medals Today we hear from three-time Olympic gold medalist, Captain of the US Women's Soccer Team, and mother of two, Christie Rampone:

MomsTEAM: What kind of healthy snack favorites do you share with your kids?

Rampone: They love Pirate Booty, Granola Peanut Butter Thins, strawberries, water melon, bananas, yogurt, and blueberries.  It's not only important to eat right, but to keep your body healthy.   For me, I drink a lot of water and always trying to stay hydrated. Taking in the right kind of fuel before a busy day or before a work-out, such as Greek yogurt or an FRS® Healthy Energy drink, helps me get the most out of my day. Eat simple, healthy foods like chicken and pasta. Go to bed early and sleep well. And, obviously, exercise by doing a combination of cross fit, kettle bells and running programs to stay fit and healthy.

MomsTEAM: What are some off-the-field health tips you can share with parents of aspiring athletes?

Rampone: Stay hydrated! It takes days to get properly hydrated so make sure [they] are mindful and consistently drinking water. The combination of FRS and water will help tremendously. Recovery is equally important as [their] actual workouts or competitions. Make sure [they] are taking the proper steps to recover [their] body. I take ice baths and wear compression pants to start. Also, [athletes need to] take the time to understand [their] heart rate and possibly use a heart rate monitor. By understanding [their] max heart rate, [they] can achieve a higher fitness level.

MomsTEAM: What advice can you give other working moms?

Rampone: [Maintain] a healthy balance between motherhood and career.  Don't focus more on one. And hold yourself accountable.  

Christie Rampone with two kidsChristie Rampone is a mother of two, three-time Women's Soccer Olympic gold medalist, captain of the US Women's Soccer team, and FRS Healthy Performance brand ambassador. For over a decade, Christie has been an inspiration and role model as one of the most celebrated female athletes in the world.  "FRS products are a huge part of my life and a big reason why I continue to accomplish my dreams.  I train all year round between the U.S. National team and as a professional athlete. I will continue to take FRS after my playing career is over because as a mother of two and a fitness enthusiast, the benefits I experience from FRS are tremendous and important for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle."