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Training Program Can Reduce Female ACL Injury Risk, Improve Athletic Performance

Two ACL injury prevention programs significantly reduce injury rates among female athletes while improving athletic performance, says a 2011 study.  Experts hope the findings will lead to greater compliance with training and widespread adoption of intervention programs.

Less Than 50% Return To Sport At Pre-Injury Level After ACL Surgery

Less than half of athletes return to their pre-injury level or to competitive sports in the period 2 to 7 years after ACL reconstruction surgery, although younger athletes return at a higher rate.  Return to sport at 12 months was not predictive of participation at the pre-injury level in the medium term, reports a new Australian study.

A Year After ACL Reconstructive Surgery Two Thirds of Athletes Have Not Returned To Sports, Study Finds

A new Australian study appears to pour cold water on the widely held belief that most athletes can return to their pre-injury level of competition within 12 months after reconstructive surgery to repair an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear.  Instead, fully two-thirds of the athletes studied were found not to have returned to their pre-injury level of competition one year after surgery.

Return to Play After ACL Surgery: How Parents Can Help

The period between the end of physical therapy and the start of sports-specific conditioning is a critical time frame for young athletes after an an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear or rupture, reconstructive surgery, and months of rehabilitation.

Simple Low-Cost Tool Identifies Female Athletes at High Risk for ACL Injury

Female athletes are at signficantly greater risk of ACL injuries than male athletes. Up to now, predicting whether a female athlete was at risk for an ACL injury required expensive and complex laboratory-based motion analysis systems, such as those used in creating video games. Now it will be possible  to predict whether an athlete is high risk for anterior cruciate ligament injuries using a simple, low-cost tool in a doctor's office, report the authors of a new study. 

ACL Surgery: Return to Play Not Guaranteed

Reconstructive surgery on a torn or ruptured ACL is increasingly common in sports and some may shorten or end your child's sports career.

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