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What Makes A Health Care Professional A Concussion Specialist?

There are five requirements for a concussion specialist, according to Dr. Rosemarie Scolaro Moser, a sports concussion neuropsychologist, researcher, and Director of the Sports Concussion Center of New Jersey.  

A concussion specialist is: 

  1. A licensed health care professional who provides direct patient care; 
  2. Who has at least one year of continuous, regular experience in the identification, management, and treatment of concussion/mild traumatic brain injury; 
  3. Who has completed formal didactic coursework/training in concussion/mild traumatic brain injury; 
  4. Who is knowledgeable about the latest national or international guidelines regarding the identification, management, and treatment of concussion/mild traumatic brain injury (such as issued by the International Consensus Conferences on Concussion in Sport,1the American Academy of Pediatrics,2 the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine,3 the National Athletic Trainers' Assocation,4 and the American Academy of Neurology5); and 
  5. Who regularly communicates with other concussion specialists to coordinate the health care and well-being of patients with concussion/mild traumatic brain injury.

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