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LL President: Take It or Leave, Part II

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Most of my major life decisions have been made in a car on a road trip, probably driving north or south on I-5 between California and Oregon. I do my best thinking, and my husband and I do our best visiting in the car. As I think about taking on the position of President in our local Little League, this would be a perfect time for a road trip. I probably wouldn't need a 12-hour trip from Portland to San Francisco, maybe just a 3-hour trip to Seattle. We could watch a Mariners game, since we live in a city with NO MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL TEAM (can you tell that's a sore spot for us? :)

Since we're knee-deep in baseball around here, I'll have to go with the reliable "Pros and Cons" notecard. You pull out a 3x5 card and write "Pros" on one side and "Cons" on the other side, so they ideas don't touch, so to speak. You can be candid on one side without the other side knowing. It keeps you honest.

I started with the Cons, or "what would be the negatives of taking on this position?"

1) time, lack of time, finding the time

2) spending all day working with and worrying about other people's children (in my job) then spending the evenings and weekends worrying about other people's children: Is my family getting the attention it needs?

3) dealing with a crazy coach or irate parent - and they're out there.

4) life was supposed to get SIMPLER as our son got older :)

5) will being too close to the "bureaucracy" dampen my love for watching the games

5) will I be able to go to Target without talking about Little League? In other words, will it consume me? What about meeting friends for a glass of wine or going to our niece's soccer game?

OK, I was really honest there...tomorrow I'll share with you my "Pros."