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Little League President: Take It or Leave It?

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My son is two years past the traditional Little League age...he will start his freshman year of high school in two months and he seems light years away from being a 12 year-old playing baseball on the 60 foot diamond. However, I feel drawn to the local ballfields even when it is not our son's team playing. In fact, I'm not picky about whether it is baseball or softball. I love to pull over and take in a few minutes of any game I see going on from the road. I like to watch the kids and the coaches and the parents and the little siblings running around...I love the grass and the ping of the bats and the hum of the community gathered 'round.

Our local LL is in a transition that you might be seeing in your town -- the number of kids playing baseball or softball is dropping. Some are going to other programs and some feel the need to concentrate on one sport all year. The cost and availability of ballfields is challenging, as well as finding coaches and umpires and someone to keep track of all the equipment. In addition, the entire board has fulfilled their committment and is ready to move on, leaving several key positions open. I have been thinking of running for Little League President.

Am I crazy? I have talked to a few folks, especially good friends that still have kids playing LL, and they say to go for it, but I still don't know. Do I have time? Do I want this headache? Why aren't current families stepping up to lead their kids' activities?

I care deeply about the kids in our area. I truly believe in the positive aspects of youth sports. Little League provides support and structure. But do I want this headache? :)

I have given myself a couple of weeks to decide, and I hope you don't mind if I "think out loud" about this decision on this blog. I would love to hear your feedback!