SmartTeams™ Talks: Safe4Athlete's Katherine Starr Says Four Steps To Preventing Sexual Abuse Of Athletes

In a powerful and frank SmartTeams Talk, a two-time Olympic swimmer and sexual abuse victim talks about the steps required to prevent abuse of athletes by coaches.

SmartTeams™ Talk: Joe Ehrman Urge Coaches To Reclaim Sport's Educational, Social, and Ethical Role In Society

In an inspiring and thought-provoking SmartTeams Talk, Coach for America founder and former NFL player, Joe Ehrmann, offers four specific ways coaches can use their unique position in a society in which sports is our "secular religion" to transform the lives of their players and reclaim sports' educational, social and ethical role.

Coaching Apps: The Next Big Thing?

The 2012 London Summer Olympic Games are now but a memory, but the accomplishments of the most notable and visible athletes, such as Alex Morgan, Gabby Douglas, Allyson Felix, Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, and Usain Bolt, are clearly going to have a long-lasting impact on youth athletes with similar aspirations of glory.

The 2012 London Summer Olympic Games are over but its athletes have no doubt inspired a whole generation of youth athletes to aspire to achieve the same kind of glory.  But how many parents have the kind of money to invest in private trainers and coaches that is required to achieve gold medal status?  Enter the new era of personalized sports instruction via smart phone app.

NATA Offers Online Sports Safety Training For Youth Coaches

Youth sports coaches cite lack of time and access to a quality, credible safety course as barriers to improving their knowledge.  A new online sports safety course from the National Athletic Trainers' Association will fill that need, said NATA President Marjorie J. Albohm, MS, ATC in announcing the new course.

David Benzel (Effective Coaching Advocate): Dedicated To Improving Youth Sports Experience

Being the father of an athlete is a challenging yet rewarding role. At MomsTEAM we think sports dads deserve to be honored, not just on the third Sunday in June, but for an entire month. So we have designated June as National Sports Dads Month and invited some veteran sports dads to share their wisdom by responding to a series of questions (the same ones we asked sports moms in May).

So far this month we have heard from a wide array of sports dads, from a former Major League Baseball general manager, from a Minnesota hockey coach and safety advocate to a sociologist with an expertise in gender and sports.

A former water skiing champion and author teaches a new way of thinking about how adults can best influence children through the sports experience.

The Road to Varsity : Dealing with Disappointment

The 2012 Summer Evaluation Program, or SEP as my association calls it, is coming up and several officials have been invited to attend and be evaluated for potential promotion. I was NOT on the invitation list and am very disappointed to say the least.  The elation of last year's promotion has been abruptly and unceremoniously replaced with a lousy feeling of failure and self-doubt.

A high school basketball official reminds herself that, if it is one thing she has learned about life's setbacks, it is that they often represent blessings in disguise.

How To Increase The Number of Women Coaches in Youth Sports

Persistent assumptions about men’s “natural” abilities as coaches, along with powerful informal group processes, tend to channel women — even those with interest and athletic experience—away from coaching, toward being “team moms.”  

Good Youth Sports Coaches Get Training, Emphasize Safety

One of the signs of a good youth sports coach is that he has demonstrated his committment to coaching and the physical and emotional well-being of athletes entrusted to his care through training and education.

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