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Melanie Johnson

I have been around the world of sports since I was very little; growing up in Indiana (the "Racing Capital of the World") I was in the stands of various open-wheel races cheering on my dad.  My father still continues to build motors for racecars and my brother races, as well.  My brother was also an elite baseball player (catcher) and is immortalized on our High School's "wall of fame".  My cousin Joe also shares a place on the wall for wrestling.  I was a fan, as well as an athlete-however I was more of the academic type, believing that it would nearly be impossible to get a scholarship in girl's sports.  

I now have three boys, who play at various levels.  My oldest two have proven to be excellent baseball players, my oldest and youngest are outstanding football players, while my middle son enjoys basketball.  This may sound confusing, but as long as I can keep it straight and get them where they need to be, it's fine!  I also teach at a junior college in Bloomington, Indiana and have the pleasure of expanding Sociology of Sports concepts in my clasroom.  I strive to be as objective as possible in my writing, but as a parent on the sidelines, it can be difficult!  I look forward to sharing some ideas and, hopefully they can spearhead some lively debate.