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Sexual Abuse of Boys in Sports: Is Homophobia A Factor In Delayed Reporting?

With the media spotlight recently focused on sexual abuse of boys in sports, a British expert suggests that one of the principal reasons why young males allow the abuse to continue and delay reporting, often for decades, lies in the homophobic culture of sports itself.

Greater Protection of Children From Abuse in Sports Is Needed

Some countries are now beginning to employ protection policies in the context of sports to safeguard children from abuse. In the UK, for example, state funding for sports governing bodies is now linked to a set of 11 national standards for safeguarding children. The Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) is responsible for supporting and monitoring the implementation of these standards as they are

Sexual Abuse of Boys in Sports: Does The Sports Culture Itself Play A Role?

Given the dominant importance of masculinity in male sport, it is not surprising that many within sport (as well as beyond sport) do not even believe that boys are sexually abused in sports. But, sadly, as Jerry Sandusky conviction showed, and the new allegations of sexual abuse against former House Speaker Dennis Hastert suggest, it does happen, perhaps a lot more than people think.