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On The Border: Sports Parent Training In El Paso, Texas

Future Of Parent Training

A significant by-product of the fall training has been an increase in the number of complaints parents have lodged against coaches for employing questionable training and coaching tactics. This is viewed as a positive outcome because it means that parents have taken seriously their role to provide a healthy and positive sporting environment for their children. While behavior on the sideline has not been perfect, the general atmosphere has improved and the number of incidents of poor behavior has decreased significantly.

Training will be mandatory for the coming basketball and baseball/softball seasons. Before summer 2001, it is estimated that over 10, 000 local parents will have received training. The results of the program are being closely monitored, both locally and on a national level.

Parents are a vital link in the triangle of partipants who help to make youth sports the best that it can be. When parents, coaches and officials all have the same behavioral expectations, the sporting environment is more likely to be a rich and positive one for the kids. Children, after all, are why we, as parents, are involved in youth sports in the first place.


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