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Budgeting For Sports Important No Matter Child's Age

Buying clothes and supplies for back-to-school puts a strain on the family budget.  Whatever the age of their kids, sports parents not only need to find room in their budget for equipment and registration fees but also their time.

A New Parental Reality: Hoping to Cope

I am about to embark on new territory. I have never been in this position before.  I realize now, just how privileged I have been for a long time.  But with the down turn in the economy, that position of privilege has gone. 

Specifically, I have never missed my kid’s performances.  They might be in a play, a dance, a track meet, or a multitude of other athletic events.   Now, I
am missing them.  Work has forced me to leave the comforts of my virtual office, conveniently planned travel, and flexible scheduling.  When my son’s basketball schedule came out, I discovered that there was not one game that I could attend.  The thought of missing a whole season of his work hurts.

Child's Busy Schedule: Recipe for Mediocrity?

As your child heads back to school, her calendar is probably quickly filling up with school activities, sport practices and games, and that doesn't even include her social calendar or time spent on homework. Most kids these days are being pulled in a hundred different directions.  Two-time Olympic cyclist Erin Mirabella believes a child will be much happier, confident and less stressed out when she makes the decision to prioritize her activities and let some things go and that trying to do everything may be a recipe for mediocrity.

Sports Bag Essentials

One of the best ways to help your kids stay organized so they can perform at their best in sports is to make sure they have a well-equipped sports bag, which is easy to fill, store and grab. 

20 Time and Money Saving Tips For Sports Parents

Having a child playing sports, or two or three, can be a logistical and organizational challenge even for the most organized mom.  Here are twenty ways to mange your time and money during the helter skelter of a youth sports season.

Finding Sports and Family Balance: A Progress Report

An important part of our mission at MomsTeam the past ten years has been to advocate for more balance between sports and family. It is a cause to which I have been deeply committed for many years, so much so that I devoted an entire chapter in my book, Home Team Advantage, to the subject.

Building Momentum or Snowballing?

Our youngest child is an athlete. I suppose I need to come to terms with that. Whatever sport he gets a hint of, he wants to try. Although, if you ask him, he’s a baseball player and football player. More specifically, he’s a pitcher and an outfielder, a tight-end and a defensive end or tackle. He knows his place and position in those sports.

Sports Moms: Staying Organized Is Key

Parents these days need to choreograph their lives to the split second. We try to keep track of our busy lives, and those of our kids, by any and all means possible. Just getting our kids to all their activities can be exhausting to think about, unless you learn how to organize, prioritize and plan ahead.

Youth Sports Survival Tips: Make Lists, Keep Calendar

To stay organized and survive the youth sports rat race without having a nervous breakdown make lists and keep a calendar, says veteran sports mom, Pamela Carey.
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