Peak Athletic Performance

The Path To Athletic Success: Play More, Compete Less


Mikaela Shiffrin is a young woman on the USA Olympic ski team who, I predict, we all will be hearing a lot about at the Olympics in Sochi, Russia in February. She is a terrific ski racer and what is so interesting is how she learned to be so steady and so fast. 

As the story of Olympic skiing hopeful Mikaela Shiffrin tells us, the path to athletic success may be in practicing more and competing less.

Cooling Before and During Exercise in Hot Weather Helps Athletes Perform Better

Cooling before and during exercise in hot weather yields a positive, but moderate, improvement in an athlete's performance in stop-and-go and endurance exercise, but actually impairs performance in short-duration, high intensity exercise, especially when the active muscles are directly cooled, a review of the medical literature suggests.

Do College Sports Camps Help An Athlete Get Recruited?

With summer camp season approaching, student-athletes anxiously await their opportunity to jump-start the college recruiting process. Camps can give athletes the opportunity to compete against other athletes from around the country. They are especially attractive to athletes who are trying to get discovered by college coaches.

But it is important for you as parent to help manage your athlete's expectations about what attending a sports camp can and can't do.

A college camp offers a student-athlete a chance to make an all-important first impression in front of college scouts, so it is important that impression be a good one because it is hard to change.

Physical Therapists Help Prevent Injuries And Improve Athletic Performance

Regular PT visits can help prevent sports injuries and improve athletic performance, says physical therapist Patricia Ladis.

Physical Therapists Are Really Efficiency Experts

Because one of their most important jobs is to identify and correct muscular and other imbalances, a physical therapist is really an efficiency expert, says Patricia Ladis.

Foam Rolling: Essential Part Of Athlete's Training Routine

By rolling different muscle groups across a large piece of cylindrical foam, kids not only better prepare their bodies for exercise, but they can also help speed recovery time from intensive training and competition.

Chronic Pain: Earlier Treatment The Better

Physical therapist Patricia Ladis says that parents need to pay attention to the pain their child is experiencing early before it becomes chronic,  and says chronic pain can only be treated by getting all muscle structures working in balance.

Peak Athletic Performance: A Training Plan Can Help

Whether your child plays soccer, basketball, swims, runs, or races her bike, an individualized or personal training program can help her perform at her best and achieve peak athletic performance.

Strength and Conditioning Coach: Bigger Better, Nutrition Key, Mental Toughness Essential

Strength and conditioning coach Mike Boyle advises parents of young
athletes that: bigger is better, nutrition is key, and developing mental
toughness and commitment is essential.

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