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Hat's off to the League with Guts

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There is an old saying that one of life’s greatest travesties to a culture is when good people do nothing. I’m not sure who penned that truth but I have to admit I’m guilty of it from time to time and have seen those who have the title and influence to do something look the other way.
I think the root cause of many problems in youth sports stems from leagues whose directors wont take a stand and do what it right. Well, now there is hope. A local news story broke on Wednesday October 15th that was reported on WFAA Channel 8 in Dallas during the 10:00pm report and it showed up on the front page of the Dallas Morning News as well.

Over 200 players on a local youth football team, the Ft.Worth Falcons, were ejected from the UYFL (Ultimate Youth Football League) for unsportsmanlike conduct of the adults. When I saw the report on the news and read it the next morning in the paper I was singing the “Alleluia Chorus”! To read the entire article go to:

As the reporter interviewed some of the parents whose children were affected by this decision, it was obvious the lesson didn’t get through. Instead of this being a wake up call, most parents expressed their disappointment and outrage at the league for punishing their kids for the actions of a few adults. The statement issued by the UYFL says it best.

"The FW Falcons were suspended due to unsportsmanlike conduct," said the UYFL in a statement to News 8. "They failed their kids by allowing the adults to behave in an intolerable manner."

Way to go UYFL! I applaud your courage to take a stand. Perhaps the bold action and conviction of the decision makers in this league will give others the guts to follow suit.