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Good Sportsmanship through Character – A MUST SEE!!!

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Every once in a while I come across an excellent visual representation of what it means to express, without reservation, the true essence of doing the right thing just because it is the right thing to do or, in other words, Good Character. Inspirational in nature, it is most assuredly at the heart of many intrinsic components, one of which is Good Sportsmanship. Both completely demonstrate the idea above of “doing the right thing.” They are certainly two intrinsic components that we all hope young athletes either develop or reveal (or both) through their sports experiences, and are two aspects seemingly absent (or at least that is how the media leads us to believe) from our youth, high school, college, and elite level sports venues.

At the heart of Becoming a True Champion, character stands as one of the more important foundational principles. Its innate ability to foster good sportsmanship, along with so many other positive attributes, gives it unique importance to the competitive world of sports, and life in general. With the capability of strengthening a person (or persons) from the inside out, its practice cannot be underestimated as a tool for reaching a higher plateau of thought, effort, and compassion (as you will see).

It is difficult for me to express in words the emotional feelings I experienced when the attributes discussed above, Good Character and Good Sportsmanship, were demonstrated by the young collegiate athletes in the following video. It is even more impressive, as the video demonstrates, when these qualities are so freely shown and given to someone truly in need. It is simply heartwarming.


Amazing Softball Story


Kirk Mango
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