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Softball (Fast Pitch)

Softball Helmets for Girls with Ponytails

Travis Gessley, Product Manager at Rawlings, discusses new helmet designs that allow for ponytails.

Five Myths about Youth Baseball and Softball

As a youth baseball coach for the last six years, I come to realize that there are a lot of myths about coaching. Here are my top five.

Softball: NFHS 2004 Softball Bat Rules

ASA has adopted a new bat performance standard, effective January 1, 2004. This change has been made in light of recent scientific developments.

Softballs for Fast-Pitch, Slow-Pitch, No-Glove Softball Vary By Size and Hardness

Softballs come in different sizes and degrees of hardness for fast-pitch, slow-pitch and no-glove leagues.

How to Select a Softball for Your Child

Dan Touhey, VP of marketing at Spalding, talks about how to select a softball for your child.

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