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Girls Playing Boy's Hockey: No Easy Answers

Whether to play girl's hockey or boys is often a difficult choice for girls and their parents, with advantages and disadvantages to each. Ultimately, there is no right or wrong decision, and it becomes a matter of thinking of her goals and then tailoring the decision to meet those goals.

Taking Time Off From Hockey: Even the Top Players Do It

Have you ever wondered if you're working your child too hard at his sport? The fact is that taking a break from all those practices and games is crucial to preventing the burnout that causes so many young athletes to quit their sport, and to avoiding the overuse injuries that often result from year-round play. Athletes, regardless of age or ability, need to include downtime and rest from their sport to perform at their best.

Finding The Right Youth Hockey Camp: Advice to Parents

From the questions I get about my own summer hockey camps, and with so many camps to choose from, I know that there are parents out there who don't know exactly what they are all about and are confused about what makes a really good camp.

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