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Psychological Readiness to Return to Sport Scale


Please rate your confidence to return to your sport on a scale from 0 - 100.

0 = no confidence at all

50 = moderate confidence

100 = complete confidence

  1. My overall confidence to play is   ______
  2. My confidence to play without pain is  ______
  3. My confidence to give 100% effort is   ______
  4. My confidence to not concentrate on the injury is   ______
  5. My confidence in the injured body part to handle to demands of the situation is  ______
  6. My confidence in my skill level/ability is  ______
Total         ______

Add total and divide by 10 = _____

Scores between 50 and 60 suggest the athlete is psychologically ready to return to sports.  Scores below 50 suggest that the athlete may not be ready psychologically to return to sports and needs more time to recover.