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A ‘Pitch Count' for your brain

Impact Sensors: i1 Biometrics Vector Mouthguard

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At its core, our state-of-the-art mouthguard transmits real-time information allowing real-time decisions about a player's ability to continue on the field. The Vector Mouthguard fits tightly onto the upper teeth of the athlete. And because the upper teeth are rigidly attached to the skull, the mouthguard can accurately measure skull movement and calculate the acceleration and deceleration experienced by the brain.

It's the first solution to be inside the player's head to protect them from the inside out.



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  1. Impact Detection: i1 Biometrics' Athlete Intelligence technology utilizes embedded microscopic sensors that accurately measure impacts, patterns, and severity during play.
  2. Data Transmission: Each hit is recorded and time stamped and the data transmitted in real-time to the training staff on the sideline and is stored on a secure internet database.
  3. Notifications & Alerts Sideline: Sideline personnel can view alerts and notifications about a player's head with a mobile notification device or laptop from the sideline.
  4. Athlete Assessment: The system provides tools that help assess an athlete's status to return to play or establish recovery protocols, creating automated reports for easy-to-use post-play athlete analysis.

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We believe trainers need data about what is happening during play. At i1 Biometrics, we're tackling the growing epidemic of undiagnosed Sports Brain Injuries head on. We're constantly driven to provide unparalleled innovation in performance and sports safety. To learn more about us and The Vector Mouthguard, contact us today at info@i1biometrics.com.

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