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Sexual Abuse

Setting Boundaries Preventing Abuse And Harassment: At A Pre-Season Meeting

The benefits of setting boundaries - physical, social, and sexual - at the pre-season meeting are numerous, say experts.

Preventing Sexual Abuse in Sports Begins At Home

As the case involving sexual abuse by former House Speaker Dennis Hastert highlights, it is not unusual for athletes to tolerate years of abuse before coming forward because sexual abuse has a high shame factor. But there are a number of values parents can instill, skills they can teach, and behaviors they can model to minimize the chances that their child will become a victim of abuse in sports.

Sexual Abuse of Boys in Sports: Does The Sports Culture Itself Play A Role?

Given the dominant importance of masculinity in male sport, it is not surprising that many within sport (as well as beyond sport) do not even believe that boys are sexually abused in sports. But, sadly, as Jerry Sandusky conviction showed, and the new allegations of sexual abuse against former House Speaker Dennis Hastert suggest, it does happen, perhaps a lot more than people think.

Is Your Daughter's Coach A Sexual Predator?

Predators come from all walks of life and, more often than not, have a smooth, well-mannered demeanor. They can be charming, witty, helpful, eager to please. the central personality trait of men who take advantage of trusting women, whether as a coach, professor, minister or psychotherapist, is a desire for power.

Handling Child Sexual Abuse in Sports: Advice for Parents

If your child says she has been sexually abused in sports, the most important thing to do is stay calm and show that you are listening. It is extremely important that your child knows that harassment or abuse is not her fault, nor a reflection her.

Warning Signs of Sexual Abuse by Coach of Child

In the wake of the Penn State and USA Swimming sex abuse scandals, parents need to be on the lookout for the warning signs that their child's coach may be sexual abusing them.

Establish Boundaries to Prevent Sexual Abuse in Sports

One of the most effective ways to reduce the risk that your child or a teammate will be a victim of sexual harassment or abuse is to set boundaries at the pre-season meeting of parents and coaches.

Preventing Sexual Harassment and Abuse in Youth Sports: What Parents Can Do

In the wake of yet another sex abuse scandal in sports, here are some steps experts say parents can take to minimize the risk that their child, or a teammate will be a victim of sexual abuse or harassment.

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