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Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse in Sport: The Problem No One Wants To Talk About

On July 12, UNICEF's Innocenti Research Center in Florence, Italy released an important report on violence against children in sport in industrialized countries, including the United States.

The report found a troubling lack of awareness of and education on child protection issues among youth sports coaches, parents, and other stakeholders. To combat the problem it recommends improvements in data collection and knowledge generation about violence to children in sport, development of structures and systems for eliminating and preventing such violence (including promotion of ethical guidelines and codes of conduct), and education, awareness-raising and training.

Myths About Sexual Abuse In Sports

In a 2010 speech, a world-reknowned expert lists fourteen of the most common myths about sexual abuse in sports, and issues a call to action.


Preventing Sexual Abuse by Coaches: Advice for Parents

Reliable statistics on the incidence of sexual abuse by coaches in youth sports are hard to come by, but the how and why of sexual abuse by coaches are well-known.  A leading sports and child psychiatrist offers prevention tips for parents and athletes.

Little League International's Efforts Fail to Protect Children From Sex Offenders, Convicted Criminals and Injury

I am the mom of a nine year old Little Leaguer and I am worried about the safety of my child, and all the other innocent children who step on fields across the country, who are at risk of having their lives destroyed by sex offenders and convicted criminals who prey on them as youth sports coaches.

Parents Can Protect Their Children Against Sexual Abuse in Sports

By far the most important step a parent can take to protect her child from a sexual predator is to make sure the coach is never alone with a child. Demand that a two-adult rule be instituted. A two-adult rule not only protects the player but the coach: if he is never alone with a child then inappropriate behavior cannot be alleged. Private or closed practices are a red flag. If the coach wants to exclude you from practice, ask why.

Youth Sports: Abuse Takes Many Forms

Abuse in youth sports takes four basic forms: physical, emotional, sexual and neglect. Unfortunately, all forms of abuse are common and the damage from the most common form of abuse (emotional abuse) is no less real than the damage resulting from other forms of abuse.

Sexual Abuse in Sports: The Problem No One Wants To Talk About

While reliable statistics are not available, what data there is indicates that sexual harassment and abuse by authority figures in sports is widespread, especially among elite athletes. A Canadian study of elite and recently retired Olympic athletes reported that more than one in five had had sexual intercourse with persons in positions of authority (coaches, administrators etc.) in sport. Of this total 8.6 percent reported being raped. Almost one in ten of those who reported abuse were under 16 years old at the time of the sexual assault.

Preventing Sexual Abuse: Protection for Kids in Youth Sports

That their child might be a victim of a sexual predator while participating in sports is every parent's nightmare.  Unfortunately sexual abuse of young players has occurred in youth sports leagues of all kinds, as well as with individual coaches in individual youth sports. Here's advice on how to protect athletes from becoming victims.

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