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Better Family Health: More Fruits and Vegetables, Regular Exercise Good First Steps

Healthier families include 5 to 9 servings of fruit and vegetables each day. A healthier family is also on the move, so include at least 30 minutes of moderate activity everyday, such as walking. These simple changes are easier than you think and help to improve your entire family's health.

Sports Head and Neck Injury Statistics

Not surprisingly, football had the most head and neck injuries of any team sport during the period:

Detailed Medical History Important Part of Sports Physical

While the forms doctors fill out during an athlete's pre-participation physical evaluation or exam (PPE), here's what should be covered during
the medical history part of any sports physical.

All Pre-Participation Evaluation Forms Are Not Created Equal

A school or independent youth sports organization (YSO) should require a preparticipation physical exam or evaluation (PPE) before allowing a child to practice or play an organized sport. In most places, not just any PPE form will do. Most schools or sports programs specify the PPE form that has to be completed.

Pre-Participation Physical Evaluations: A Guide for Sports Parents

Most experts agree that you should have your child undergo a thorough preparticipation evaluation or sports physical (PPE) every year. Not only can a PPE be an effective tool in identifying athletes who should not be playing sports because they have congenital heart defects or a history of concussions, but it is also useful in identifying medical problems effecting sports participation, such as asthma or the female athlete triad.

Too Hot to Play Sports? Depends on Heat Index

When the heat index is above 95 degrees, athletes, especially children, are at increased risk of heat-related illness. Cancelling or modifying practices and games, or taking others to reduce the risk of heat illness, should be taken.

Sports Safety Training Courses For Coaches Recommended

Parents should ask their child's club or league to make sure coaches take a safety training coach.

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