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Choosing the Right Personal Flotation Device for Your Child

The primary function of a personal flotation device (PFD) (what used to be called a life jacket) is to keep your child afloat, with his mouth well above water so he can breath. It's critical that the PFD you pick for child meets this test.

Physical Therapy: More than Just a Game

As the number of children participating in athletics increases, so does the number of serious athletic injuries. To meet the growing demand for prevention and rehabilitation of these injuries, an increasing number of physical therapists are making child's play out of rehabilitation using video game technology.

Twelve Youth Sports Injury Prevention Tips

The National Center for Catastrophic Injury Research recommends twelve steps for reducing the number of injuries in youth sports.

Coping with Injuries in Youth Sports

Angela Ruggiero, US Women's National Hockey Team Member and four-time Olympic medalist, offers advice to parents on what to do when their child is injured in youth sports.

Time Off From Sports Important

Is your child taking a break from sports this summer or, as so many kids do these days, filling up their summer with tournaments, sports camps and showcases? Long-time U.S. Women's National Hockey Team member, and four-time Olympian, Angela Ruggerio says that, even for (and perhaps especially for) elite athletes, taking time off from a sport to rest and maintain motivation is vitally important.

Taking Time Off From Sports Important For Kids, Not Just the Pros

Playing sports and staying fit are important but so, too, is rest. Pro leagues have an off season not to give their players a vacation but because athlete's playing hard need to give their bodies a break. Young athletes are not getting this very important break and the impact on their growing bodies is causing serious harm, physically and emotionally.

Daily Fitness Game Plan for Your Entire Family

In addition to the heart-healthy benefits of exercise, active kids and
adults are usually more energetic and happier than those not as active.
Use the University of Missouri  "Children's Activity Pyramid"  to see what kids need each day.

Diving Off Diving Boards Is Dangerous For Kids

Recreational and competitive diving are becoming increasingly popular. A new study warns that diving is actually more dangerous than once thought and in ways not previously appreciated.

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