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Foam Rolling: Essential Part Of Athlete's Training Routine

By rolling different muscle groups across a large piece of cylindrical foam, kids not only better prepare their bodies for exercise, but they can also help speed recovery time from intensive training and competition.

Concussion Recovery: Craniosacral Therapy and Feldenkrais Method May Help

Craniosacral therapy and the Feldenkrais Method can help concussion recovery, says Edward Feldman, D.C., RCST.

Physical Therapy for the Injured Athlete: Restoring Range of Motion Critical

Restoring full range of motion to a joint should be achieved early in physical therapy as playing sports with restricted range of motion increases injury risk and negatively effects athletic performance.

Physical Therapy for The Injured Athlete: Each Session Has Five Parts

Every physical therapy sessiont can be broken down into five basic parts: subjective, objective, treatments, assessment, and plan

Role of Athletic Trainer Explained

Eric Laudano, head athletic trainer at the University of Pennsylvania, explains the role of an athletic trainer in preventing and treating sports injuries.

Tips for Choosing Safe Toys This Holiday Season

In buying toys for your kids this holiday season make safety a top priority by following this five tips.

Screening By Physical Therapist Particularly Important For Athletes After Growth Spurt

While all athletes over age 7 playing competitive sports can reduce the risk of injury through regular screening by a physical therapist, seeing a PT is particularly important for athletes after a growth spurt, says physical therapist Patricia Ladis.

Sports Injury Prevention: Regular Screening By Physical Therapist Recommended

Taking a holistic approach to sports injury prevention, including regular screening by a physical therapist to identify muscle imbalances and/or biomechanical flaws, and prescribe corrective exercises, is critically important to the success of elite athletes, says physical therapist Patricia Ladis.

Chronic Pain: Earlier Treatment The Better

Physical therapist Patricia Ladis says that parents need to pay attention to the pain their child is experiencing early before it becomes chronic,  and says chronic pain can only be treated by getting all muscle structures working in balance.
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