Incognito-Martin: Has Bullying In Sports Become The New Normal?

Last week, Miami Dolphins player Richie Incognito was suspended indefinitely for allegely bullying teammate Jonathan Martin.

The story has me searching for answers to questions such as:

If we think that the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin bullying incident is atypical, we are blind to what is really going on in sport, says the founder of Safe4Athletes, who is concerned bullying as become the new normal in sports, and calls for policies and procedures to be put in place, not just to hear them when they have been bullied, but to prevent the bullying from happening in the first place.

Connecting With Kids: Helping Them To Think Positive Is Vital

Studies show that up to 77% of students admit to being the victim of some form of bullying. But how can parents, grandparents and teachers connect with children to discuss this and other issues that kids face? By sharing stories about other children, say the authors of "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Positive for Kids." 

Dealing With Bullying: 10 Tips for Parents

As we know all too well these days, bullying can happen any time, anywhere and to anyone, from the youngest children in day care (or even at home) and beyond. The following tips will help parents find ways to detect, prevent and deal with the bullying of young children.

Youth Sports Heroes of the Month: Queen Creek (Arizona) High School Football Team

Attending Queen Creek High School was a daily ordeal for 16-year-old sophomore Chy Johnson, who faced unrelenting taunts from bullies who would punctuate their insults by throwing garbage on her and shoving her in the hallways. Most days, she came home crying, unable to resist the indignities alone.

School bullies often seek out the most vulnerable victims, classmates who appear “different” for one reason or another and cannot defend themselves. Chy Johnson unfortunately fit the description. She attends regular classes, but she has microcephaly, a genetic brain disorder that has left her head smaller than average and causes her brain to operate at a third-grade level.

Attending Queen Creek High School was a daily ordeal for 16-year-old sophomore Chy Johnson, who faced unrelenting taunts from bullies. Until the high school football team stepped in to help.

Ten Tips To Prevent Bullying

There is never a bad time for educators and parents to empower children with the resources and confidence they need to prevent to bullying.

Ten Ways To Tell If Your Child Is A Bully

The National Education Association estimates that 160,000 children miss school every day due to fear of attack or intimidation by other students.  Could they be skipping school because of your child?

Critical Coach or Bully?

Constant criticism from a youth sports coach, especially when involves personal attacks, can cross the line into bullying, and often backfires, creating a crisis of confidence in an athlete, damaging their self-esteem and hurting, rather than helping, performance.  Here's advice from a sports psychology professional on what parents and athletes can do about a critical coach.

Cyberbullying: A New Threat to Our Kids

Recently, I learned that one of the players on my hockey team was Tweeting negative statements about another player. He claims he though that only the other player could see it. We discussed the situation with him, told him it was unacceptable, and asked him to remove the Tweets and apologize to the team. He started out by saying to his teammates,  "I was told I need to apologize for Tweeting," and then promptly quit. Wow, talk about lack of sincerity or honesty.  The incident offered several "teachable moments", which we will take advantage of as we work through this issue. 

Cyberbullying is rampant in the teen-age culture today.

Study Finds Strong Link Between Bullying and Mental Health Problems, Family Violence, Drug and Alcohol Use

Middle and high school students who are both bullies and victims of bullying are three times more likely than students who are neither to seriously consider suicide, intentionally injure themselves, report being physically abused by a family member and witnessing violence in their family, and to use drugs and alcohol, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
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