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How The “BUTT-DRAGGING” Phase Of A Soccer Game Can Damper Any Great Effort By Your Team

As I write this, I am
still bathing in the joyful accomplishment feeling from the performance of my

only months put
together U9 girls team in the weekend’s   
14 team scrimmage fest. Let me point out

that all teams in the
scrimmage fest were 2 to 4 flights higher than us but we played teams that were

2 and 3 flights higher
as the 4th flight were high level premier teams. I felt that my girls could

with teams 2-3 flights
higher and they proved it. We did not win any games, nor was I expecting to win

any. My goal was to
introduce them to more serious challenging competition and see how they would

handle it. They were
competitive in all games, scores were very close and there were two reasons why

we lost the games.


1st      Physicality – I explained to them that we
can play against bigger faster kids by mastering our

fundamentals, passing
and moving without the ball and letting the other team do all the running. Even

though teams are in
higher flights does not always mean they are better.

Most youth level teams
play for today, kick and run, more physical style of football. That will earn

"today" and get them in higher flights, but as the development goes
"tomorrow" will come and those same teams will find themselves losing
to the teams they used to beat as those teams have developed their
fundamentals, touches on the ball and movement without the ball. So we play for


2nd     The “BUTT DRAGGING” Phase of the game
caught up with us. In today’s pro level football

matches there are more
goals scored in the last couple of minutes and extra time than the entire game.

That is also true for
most youth games if the teams are not as fit as their opponent. Lack of stamina
leaves the kids wondering what happen to their skill level. The fatigue of a
less fit team is shown as their quality of play starts to fall off and their
decision making falters. Technique goes out of the window as the athlete is
struggling for oxygen after an intense run or a series of moves. The advantage
in those late minutes swings to the opponent. When a coach helps a player
improve their technical skills while on the verge of exhaustion will pay huge
dividends at those late minutes with the game on the line.


We have been working
on those two points, fundamentals as well as our stamina, and have been making
huge improvements. Although we have not reached our goal yet working with
Futpro and the Futwork Training System has most definitely put us on the path
of competing with higher level teams. A few months ago when this team was put
together we had a hard time competing with a U8 higher level team. Since we
started to use Futpro and Futworks I can see the fundamentals, footwork,
agility and stamina improving. Best of all my girls love to train and the
"boredom blues" have gone away. Going from U8 to U9 higher level
competition is leap of development.


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