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Impact Sensors: Brain Sentry


In addition to being field tested by MomsTEAM during the 2013 football season by the Newcastle (OK) High School football team, the Brain Sentry Impact Sensor is currently endorsed or mandated by over 25 leagues, schools and other organizations representing over 100,000 athletes.

For 2014 the Brain Sentry sensors are the required for participants in several football, lacrosse and hockey programs ranging from youth to the pros including the following:

Brain Sentry sensor on helmet in AFL game on ESPN
  • Arena Football League (AFL)
  • U.S. Army All American Bowl
  • Eastbay Youth All American Bowl 
  • FBU National Championship 
  • Indiana Football Coaches Association Grange All-Star Classic
  • Baltimore Touchdown Club High School Senior All-Star Game

Why Brain Sentry for contact sports?

Athletes don't want to be pulled off the field. They hide symptoms of concussion. They might not even know they have one, and knowing is critical because many catastrophic brain injuries are the result of second impacts to already concussed athletes. Brain Sentry monitors impacts and helps identify athletes that should be assessed for concussion. Brain Sentry helps coaches identify players with techniques that include excessive head/helmet contact. 

The Brain Sentry Impact CounterTM is calibrated to alert when the helmet experiences rapid acceleration or deceleration. It is not a diagnostic device. Concussions and other brain injuries can occur at levels that will not trigger an alert. Do not depend on these sensors as a sole screening method for possible injury. Ignoring this warning may lead to serious or fatal brain injury.

How it works

  • Price: Brain Sentry provides its sensors as an annual subscription. First year is $75 and subsequent years are $55. The sensor is guaranteed to last the full year without any battery charging.
  • Install: Easy peel-and-stick application to the back of the helmet
  • Easy: They sensor is motion activated - turning itself on and off to conserve power - there is no on/off switchBrain Sentry Impact Counter
  • Impact Counter: Brain Sentry Impact Counter PlusTM has a display that shows the number of head impacts for the day, the week, and the year and the number of alert level hits for the year
  • Alert indicator: If an athlete experiences an unusually hard hit to the head a bright red light provides an indication that the player should be assessed for injury.

Easy to use

Brain Sentry took significant efforts in designing a system that accurately measures appropriate impact forces, is affordable, is safe, and does not burden coaches and team staff that run youth sports leagues. There is nothing to maintain. Batteries don't require recharging. There is nothing to remember to turn on or off. Brain Sentry sensors just work all season. Period.

At the beginning of the season simply activate the sensor and peel and stick it to the back of each helmet. The sophisitcated battery life management system allows the sensor to never need to be turned on or off. The battery never needs to be charged or changed. The sensor is fully sealed and waterproof. At the end of the season it can be simply removed and returned to Brain Sentry for recycling.