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PLEASE don't tell me how great of a player you think my child is- select her to the team and then . . .

 . . . .bench my child.  Why can’t any of you see just how inconsistent your statement and actions are?  PLEASE!  I want to know!! Desperately!

Should I Be Ashamed For Feeling This Way About My Daughter's Sport Team?

If anyone who comes on this site has read anything I’ve written you should pretty much be aware that I’m on a one man crusade to stop coaches from abusing some kids through the practicing of benching, or essentially giving a player on the team either no, or very, very little, meaningful playing time.

How Can We Make Club Volleyball Better For All Young Athletes?

I’m going to assume that club volleyball teams want to live up to their published mission statements.  Generally speaking, they’re pretty lofty in terms of expressed goals, which tend to be focused on the development of young girls' characters through sportsmanship and team building and, along the way, the girl picks up enhanced volleyball skills from knowledgeable and respected coaches who have years of experience to share.

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