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Personal Ownership and Responsibility for Creating Athletic Success: Part 1

In order to best explain what I mean by the individual athlete taking personal ownership and responsibility for creating athletic success, let me develop an analogy that might help demonstrate this concept and the choices/options that go along with it.

LL President: Take It or Leave, Part II

Most of my major life decisions have been made in a car on a road trip, probably driving north or south on I-5 between California and Oregon. I do my best thinking, and my husband and I do our best visiting in the car. As I think about taking on the position of President in our local Little League, this would be a perfect time for a road trip. I probably wouldn't need a 12-hour trip from Portland to San Francisco, maybe just a 3-hour trip to Seattle. We could watch a Mariners game, since we live in a city with NO MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL TEAM (can you tell that's a sore spot for us? :)

Youth Sports Liability Waivers: Protecting Towns At The Expense of Our Children’s Safety?

Before every sports season, parents all across the countries are asked to sign forms holding the sports program in which their child will be participating harmless and releasing the program from liability should he be injured. No ifs ands or buts.  The parent or guardian of a child using a program or town’s facilities must sign a waiver.  Such forms are typical for all camp programs; sports clinics and sporting events organized by independent groups, such as the baseball, soccer and football organizations using town fields.

Little League President: Take It or Leave It?

My son is two years past the traditional Little League age...he will start his freshman year of high school in two months and he seems light years away from being a 12 year-old playing baseball on the 60 foot diamond. However, I feel drawn to the local ballfields even when it is not our son's team playing. In fact, I'm not picky about whether it is baseball or softball. I love to pull over and take in a few minutes of any game I see going on from the road.

The USA Track & Field Olympic Trials - Part II: Athletes to Watch

I absolutely love the excitement and drama of the Olympic Trials. In every Trials there are surprises whether it's the athlete who comes out of nowhere to make the team or the heavy favorite who has a bad day and heartbreakingly misses earning her spot. For me it is far better than any reality show. The Olympic Trials are a great chance to get to know the athletes that you'll be seeing in Beijing, and learn some of the interesting stories about their journey to this date with destiny.

The USA Track & Field Olympic Trials - Part I

The Olympic Trials

Although this is an Olympic year, for many track fans their favorite track meet of the year will take place in Oregon in June, not Beijing in July. While the Olympic Games are the meet where Olympians compete, the Olympic Trials are the meet where Olympians are made.

From The Athlete’s Perspective

Much of what I discuss in my blog and in my book Becoming a True Champion, centers on the teenage athlete (up to any age) and the perspective they should take in order to gain what they could out of their athletic experiences. Through my years as high school teacher and coach, I have come to the conclusion that the more responsibility an athlete takes for the things they would like to achieve, the more control they have over the possibility of accomplishing what they want. It is this type of attitude that makes the seemingly impossible become possible.

Where Did the Weekend Go?

It's Sunday night in early summer, and if you're a baseball parent, I bet you didn't get the flowers planted on the front porch this weekend, or even the lawn mowed. Maybe you barely got the mail in from the mailbox on Saturday...but that doesn't mean you weren't busy.

A sunny weekend in June will bring a full slate of games and errands and corresponding actions regarding uniforms, equipment bags, water bottles, and lunches, snacks and sunflower seeds.