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LL President: The Pros and Why I Said "Yes!"

It's mid-July and I have been at a ballpark just about every night for the last few weeks. I have watched 9-10 year-old baseball and softball, Little League Majors (11-12 year-olds) All-Stars and Honors teams, 13-14 year-old baseball on 80 foot and 90 foot diamonds, a college exposure fastpitch softball tournament, and joined my dad for an evening of USA Softball vs. Portland All-Stars on their pre-Olympic "Bound for Beijing" tour.

Elite Sports Abroad

I spent some time during my sabbatical this past spring visiting friends and relatives in Belgium and France, where I also conducted interviews with several administrators at the national centers for elite sports in those countries. I’ll be reporting on differences between the American and European systems in a later essay for MomsTeam, but here I will simply note some of my personal reactions to the conversation with Paul Rowe, who is in charge of elite sports at Bloso, the Flemish sport federation.

Preventing ACL Injuries In Kids: Really a Matter of Child's Play

Do you remember Dr. Spock's motto, "Live long and prosper"? Great words to live by and a dream all parents have for their kids. However, today's kids may not get to adulthood without some sort of long-term problem created by the sports they love. A recent article in the The Boston Globe with some of the country's leading pediatric orthopedists drives that point home.

Personal Ownership and Responsibility for Creating Athletic Success: Part 2

In an effort to further demonstrate this idea of Personal Ownership and Responsibility in Creating Athletic Success let me also relay to you a true event that occurred while watching my own kid play soccer on their high school team. It is customary for me to sit fairly quietly during games and just watch, giving only positive support when good shots, passes, or plays take place.

A Hard Fall

One of the many things that get short shrift in most handbooks for parents of elite athletes is the question of the other kids in the family. True, some families are so deeply committed to a sport that it would be unthinkable for a sibling not to play. Most of us, though, have children with varied interests, and the tug-of-war can be excruciating.


The Tree Climber

Heart Screening In Kids Doesn't Require Fancy Tests...Just You and Your Doctor

When I saw this story today on the BBC News Health page, two simultaneous thoughts popped to mind: parents would be nervous and US pediatricians would once again have to defend our stance that EKGs are not needed as a routine part of youth sports health screening (a/k/a the pre-participation evaluation or PPE).

A Lesson From The Bad News Bears

Last year, my daughter, then 12, played on a town softball team that had less than a stellar season on paper that is still being talked about a year later - by the girls on the team and the parents involved. This experience embodied everything good and bad about

Performance Anxiety – 3 Quick Ways to Reduce Stress before the Big Game

Summer is when a variety of youth sports leagues begin post-season tournaments, World Series events and State Championships so an article on calming performance anxiety seemed to be fitting.

What Color Is Your Inner Red Sox Fan?

pink red sox hatWhat color is your inner fan? Today mine is pink. Although, some days it is green or mustard yellow - or black if I'm wearing one of the Sox championship hats! As I type this post, I’m wearing my almost new Red Sox very pink t-shirt that my kids gave me for Mother’s Day, part of MLB’s Breast Cancer Awareness

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