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October is Sports Nutrition Month

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With the school year and fall sports season in full swing, parents face challenges every single day in making sure kids get the nutritious meals and snacks they need to perform at their best in class and during sports after school. Fruits and vegetables

The increasing cost of food has more and more parents finding it difficult to stretch their dollar at the grocery store.  It seems that serving a nutritious breakfast to a family rushing out the door to work and school, making sure the back-packs of today's picky teens are filled with food they will actually eat (!), and finding the time to make a nutritious dinner for them to eat after sports, instead of opting, as do so many time-starved families, for fast-food or convenience foods, has never been harder. 

So, we are reprising again for the month of October some of the great guest blogs we posted last year offering always on-the-go sports parents fresh ideas for healthy, easy-to-make breakfasts, lunches, dinners and between-meal snacks.  

We also thought that you might be interested in learning how the sports dietitians who blogged for MomsTEAM last year at this time got into their chosen fields, in case you were interested in sharing their stories with your kids.  Who knows, it just might spark an interest in nutrition that could lead some of them into a career in sports nutrition!

To round out our nutrition coverage for October we will also be featuring once again some of the most popular sports nutrition articles from our library on the home page and the Nutrition Channel landing page, so I invite you to visit MomsTEAM as often as your busy schedule permits for tips, recipes, and menu ideas.

Hopefully, by the time Halloween rolls around, your kids will have had a full month eating healthy and nutritious food under their belts so that all that candy in their goody bags doesn't ruin our collective efforts to get kids in the habit of eating healthy.  

Better yet, maybe your kids will realize that candy is filled with empty calories and, when they knock on your neighbor's door to say "Trick or Treat," will choose an apple from the bowl instead of a Three Muskateer bar!

For the first blog from MomsTEAM's expert sports nutritionist Nancy Clark, click here

Is there a topic you would like to see MomsTEAM feature in the coming months? Interested in being one of our guest bloggers or know a nutritionist who you think would be a great addition to our roster of October bloggers? Send an email to editors@momsteam.com. We always love to hear from you!

Updated October 5, 2013