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Another Concussion Book Review

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Because I didn't blog about it, some of you may have missed my lengthy review last week of Dr. Bob Cantu's new book, Concussions and Our Kids: America's Leading Expert on How To Protect Young Athletes and Keep Sports Safe, which he co-authored with sports journalist Mark Hyman, the latest in a slew of concussion books that I have read and reviewed over the past couple of years (that will teach me; if I really want people to read what I write, I better at least mention it in a blog!). 

While it has much to recommend it, I ultimately came away from reading the book disappointed at several pieces of advice it gives that seem to ignore critical changes in the thinking of concussion experts over the past decade, including some from Dr. Cantu himself, that detracted from what is otherwise an excellent book.

Instead of posting it again as a blog entry, I invite anyone who is interested to click here for the full review.

And speaking of Bob Cantu, a heads up for those of you who may be wondering what I thought of the new movie, Head Games: The Movie, a concussion documentary which, like Bob's book, premiered last week, and in which he features prominently.

Look for my blog post tomorrow, which will link to a lengthy review.