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Pro-actively, MomsTeam also holds workshops such as "Preventing Youth Sports Violence Among Kids, Parents & Coaches - Before the Sports Season Starts". MomsTeam experts include:

  • David Janda, MD- Orthopedic Surgeon. One of the country's leading authorities and advocate for preventive sports medicine. Author of The Awakening of a Surgeon: One Doctor's Journey to Fight the System and Empower Your Community
  • Doreen Greenberg, Ph. D. - Nationally known sports psychology consultant specializing in issues facing young female athletes and the author of a new series of children's books about elite female athletes
  • Shane Murphy, Ph. D. - Olympic Team sports psychologist and author of the critically acclaimed, The Cheers and Tears: A Healthy Alternative to the Dark Side of Youth Sports Today
  • Jeannette Twomey, J.D. - Youth sports conflict mediator
  • Suzanne Nelson, D.Sc., R.D. - Nationally recognized youth sports nutritionist and author of The Ultimate Guide to Sports Nutrition
  • Dr. Keith Wilson - Leading "performance-parenting" psychotherapist and developer of an innovative new sports parenting training program in El Paso, TX
  • John Yeager, Ph.D. -- Author, teacher and consultant to youth sports organizations across the country in building character-based athletic programs

    With a fresh approach to helping parents create a more positive atmosphere and greater opportunity in youth sports across the country, MomsTeam covers all the bases. For more information and advice on how to enrich the experience of everyone involved in youth sport, please visit the website or contact

    Sample Flyer From Washington DC Workshop

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