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Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

I was visiting recently with a friend who was the assistant coach on a local high school team the past several years. The head coach had been under great pressure from the parents of the players for many years, but it had intensified the past year.

He told me that no matter the quality of the coach, nobody should go through what the head coach had to endure with the result that, after 9 years, the head coach was taking a leave of abscense for a year. I agreed with him, but, as I thought more, I realized that much of the blame really fell on the coach. He is not a good communicator and manager of people. He is passionate about the sport, studies the game like no other coach, but yet he failed to sell his vision and program to the parents and players.

Youth Coaches: Meaningful Playing Time For Every Player Is Job One

At levels below high school, kids sign up for sports to play, not to watch other kids play or watch adults coach or referees ref.   The number one job of a coach - whether it be basketball or any other team sport -  is to make sure every child gets meaningful playing time in every game.
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