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Release of Wolf Shark Racing Speedboard, Cracked Helmets and Skinned Ribs, And Lots of Racing


This past year has been crazy, and left me in much the same condition. Since this past downhill racing season began, I have not seen my son for more than a few days at a time. Every weekend is another race.  Last weekend was Kewlona, next weekend is Salt Spring, the weekend before last was Mt. Washington, and the weekend after next is Calgary. I think. 

Wolf at Britannia Challenge 

Above Wolf was racing in his "half-lid", as he cracked his full-face the weekend before. The photo below is the helmet he wore for a race in France. He now has a new helmet and only races with a full-face. I was surprised to see him with a half-lid, but he never goes without.

Wolf at Graveyard Call

So, besides racing, he now designs longboards!  Here's an ad by Landyachtz Longboard for the board he designed, the Wolf Shark, Landyachtz's first top-mount speedboard:

Last week I just got my own t-shirt of the matching graphic ... fun ... funny (maybe I can wear it gardening?). There is both a wolf and a shark howling at the moon above a flame-filled forest. Crazy, but the riders are liking it.

World record

The other thing he did was break a world record for the longest stand-up slide: The record was 160 feet and he slid (verified) 162 ... after many attempts ... sliding on his padded knees didn't count. It had to be landed properly.  Click here for the video.

Wolfgane starts grade twelve a month from now when the race season cools and the rains return. For now, I'll let him ride and race as he wants, within reason, but I think we are well beyond reason. And so far it's working out okay this way. 

cracked helmets

Our helmet rule is that if there is a fall where the helmet hits the ground or anything else solid, that it gets replaced before next race. One fall per helmet. He' hasn't cracked any helmets, but as a precaution, we change out a helmet for a new one if he falls and hits his head (which has only happened once). We let him ride with a helmet that he has only skidded in, as the impact isn't the same as a hit or fall.

Wolf Wolf Wolf



Wow--he has really grown and his form looks amazing! Love the update! Is there a longboard entry in the Olympics?

Brooke de Lench

Publisher / Editor In Chief



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