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Ending Sexual Abuse of Youth Athletes: Is It A “Sports Welfare” Issue?

Though the wheels on Capitol Hill don't turn as fast as Missy Franklin's arms in the water, the months are ticking down to a full-blown congressional investigation of allegations of sexual abuse by coaches in swimming and other amateur sports which fall under the umbrella of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC).

Alleged Cover-Up of Sex Abuse By Former Olympic Coach Fuels Federal Investigation of USA Swimming

Allegations that USA Swimming helped cover up charges of sexual abuse of swimmers by former coach Everett Uchiyama, the national team director who was allowed to secretly resign in 2006, are fueling investigations by a California congressman and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Here's the latest on the continuing scandal from investigative journalist Irv Muchnick.

On Eve of Congressional Meeting, USA Swimming Escalates Lobbying and PR in Coach Sex Abuse Scandals

This week's announcement that USA Swimming has commissioned an "independent review" of its safe sport program is just the latest in a series of chess moves by this U.S. Olympic Committee national governing body in the run-up to a meeting next week with the staff of Congressman George Miller, the California Democrat and ranking minority member of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce who is investigating how the organization responds to sexual abuse allegations.

USA Swimming's Response To Sexual Abuse By Coaches: Treat It As PR Headache

An investigative journalist says USA Swimming's response to all the negative press it has gotten for a generation's accumulation of anecdotes of coach sexual abuse of underage athletes is just to treat it as a public relations headache.

Rick Curl Sex Abuse Case Raises New Concerns

The evidence suggests that the problem of sex abuse by coaches on college campuses isn't limited to Penn State, and that college administrators may have turned a blind eye in several instances to allegations of sex abuse by swim coaches in age-group programs that shared staff, pools and locker rooms with their own.

Widespread Sex Abuse of Young Female Swimmers Continues To Plague USA Swimming

With the Olympics about to begin, critics charge that efforts by USA Swimming to prevent sex abuse by male coaches of female swimmers have fallen short.

Preventing Sexual Abuse By Youth Coaches: Criminal Background Checks Not Enough

Protecting youth athletes from becoming victims of sexual predators involves much more than criminal background checks of coaches before they are hired, says a longtime interscholastic sports administrator.

Child Sexual Abuse: The Dark Underbelly Of Youth Sports Culture

The Penn State scandal didn’t occur in youth sports.  Yet, it is one of the rare occasions that sex abuse by coaches, which is a major problem in youth sports, got the type of national publicity that allowed the problem to penetrate the public consciousness.  The big question is whether we as a sports society are up to the task of doing to more to prevent future abuse.


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