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Youth Basketball Injuries: Basic First Aid For Minor Injuries

Most injuries in youth basketball are minor and can be treated with simple first-aid. Finger sprains are common, but ankle and knee injuries, especially in Grades 1 through 6, are not. Here's some basic first aid advice from a longtime coach.

Small-Sided Basketball: Best Way to Play and Learn for Elementary School Players

With basketball season beginning around the country, now is the perfect time to consider whether small-sided or 3 on 3 basketball is a better way for elementary school players to play and learn the game.

Youth Coaches: Meaningful Playing Time For Every Player Is Job One

At levels below high school, kids sign up for sports to play, not to watch other kids play or watch adults coach or referees ref.   The number one job of a coach - whether it be basketball or any other team sport -  is to make sure every child gets meaningful playing time in every game.

Youth Basketball Survey: Keeping Kids in The Game & Having Fun Are Keys To Better Experience

Finding ways to keep kids playing and making programs more fun are seen by coaches, administrators and volunteers as the best ways to improve the youth basketball experience in a survey conducted by youth basketball expert and reform advocate, Bob Bigelow.

Coaching Youth Basketball: Keep It Fun for Younger Players

Teaching basketball to younger kids (e.g. from kindergarten to 8th grade) can be a rewarding but challenging experience for any coach. Teaching coaches how to coach such youngsters is likewise a challenge, but the key is keep it fun, and keep them moving!

Youth Basketball: Age-Appropriate Rim Height, Ball, Court, and Team Size Increase Fun, Skill Development

Recommendations for youth basketball programs on equipment, court size and the number of players depending on age group from leading youth basketball expert, Bob Bigelow.

My Ten Commandments for Youth Sports

TEN COMMANDMENTS FOR PARENTS WITH ATHLETIC CHILDREN By Bob Bigelow, Youth Sports Expert & Community Speaker, © 2008

What's Happening to Our Kids

Youth Sports: A Call to Action & How You Can Help!
Picture the typical youth sports game – a blur of motion and sound. Some parents are busy cheering positively or just chatting among themselves, enjoying the day. Others are prowling the sidelines. The prowlers mean business. These parents become field generals, barking orders and commanding their children to excel.