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From Olympian Angela Ruggerio

Is It Okay To Let A Child Quit in the Middle of the Season?

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Angela Ruggiero, US Women's National Hockey Team Member and three time Olympian, advises parents to:

  1. Ask their child before signing her up for a sport whether she really wants to play, and if she says yes, explain that in doing so she is making a committment to playing the entire season - practices, games and functions.

  2. If she wants to quit during the season, remind them that she made a committment before the season began to play the entire season and explain that working through hard times will teach them a valuable lesson about not giving up.

  3. Once the season is over and she has upheld her end of the bargain - to herself, to her parents, and most of all to her teammates, is the time to consider trying a different sport or activity the next time around.



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