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The Pre-Title IX Mom: A Humorous Look At Sports By One Clueless Mom

Like learning a second language, learning sports is best done when you are young. For one mom, growing up in the pre-Title IX era meant that, no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn't seem to follow what was going on - even when her own son was playing.

Lessons Learned in Little League

When I pick up a newspaper only to read another youth sports horror story about parents fighting at a youth hockey, football or baseball game with each other or with coaches or umpires, I often think back to the time when I was playing youth baseball:

Tryouts and Cuts: Advice For Parents

Trying out for a roster spot on a team can be an extremely stressful situation for young athletes. If your child is trying out for a sports team, here some tips for parents on how to prepare your child for the try-out and what to do if she doesn't make the cut.

Why Is Playing A Sport Important?

As a parent, what is your sports philosophy? Every parent has one, but very few stop to think about it. Instead, we get wrapped up as parents in schedules, nutrition, transportation, keeping our children playing sports and making sure the sports program in which they participate is best suited to their needs and talents. Every now and then, though, parents should pause to reflect on this larger question. If they don't, they risk losing the forest for the trees.

Sports Mom, What Will You Do?

Advice for Sports Moms from a Sports Mom

Women, particularly the mothers who volunteer, are often the backbone of what makes a youth sports team work smoothly.
Unfortunately, as with dads, when it comes to their own child's sports team, a mom's greatest strengths can become weaknesses that can cause problems for her child and his/her coach. 

Performance Anxiety – 3 Quick Ways to Reduce Stress before the Big Game

Summer is when a variety of youth sports leagues begin post-season tournaments, World Series events and State Championships so an article on calming performance anxiety seemed to be fitting.

Out-of-Control Parents In Youth Sports: Symptom Or Disease?

It seems to be popular these days to blame the parents for their out-of-control behavior at youth sports events. There is probably no way to completely eliminate the emotional pressure a parent feels when they are attending their child's athletic event (pressure that naturally increases as the child moves up the competitive ladder), but are parents who act out a symptom of what is wrong with youth sports or the disease itself?

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