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Fall Sports Tryouts: Tips for Parents

The competition for rosters spots on fall sports teams seems to be more ferocious than ever. Tryouts pose a particular challenge to young athletes still playing summer sports. Here are some tips for parents on how they can help their child perform at their best during tryouts from MomsTeam's Brooke de Lench.

Tweens and Teens: Top Three Parenting Mistakes

Parents want to have close relationships with their children, but many wonder if that's even possible as their child enters adolescence. Suddenly, your son is more interested in peers than spending time with the family, your daughter may be showing more rebellious behavior, and now, instead of being the one they turn to for advice, you don't know a thing! While scary for parents, says parenting expert, Amy McCready, the normal individualization process during the tween and teen years doesn't have to involve power struggles and hard feelings if parents avoid three common parenting mistakes.

Sports Training for Babies and Toddlers Won't Give Them Athletic Edge

Athletic training videos for babies.  Soccer and T-ball classes for toddlers.  Do they give kids an edge in the increasingly cut-throat world of youth sports or are they just the latest signs of the commercialization of youth sports and that we have become a nation of "helicopter" parents trying to enrich every second of their lives - even as infants - with activities instead of just letting them be kids? founder Brooke de Lench weighs in on sports programs for the pre-school set.

Dad: You Love Hockey More than I Do! Don't Ruin It For Me!

The district playoffs are starting soon and for most teams the final periods are about to be played. The headline comments above were actually said by a son to his father/coach. It is interesting that a fifteen year old player is able to succinctly articulate his feelings and his anguish. In twelve words he expressed what so many have written in these pages and in youth sports publications for years.

Helping Your Child Have A Successful Sports Tryout

With the competition for rosters spots on fall sports teams more ferocious than ever.  Tryouts pose a particular challenge to young athletes still playing sports this summer.  MomsTeam Founder and Publisher Brooke de Lench offers some tips for parents on how they can help their child perform at their best during tryouts.

Advice to Coaches: Involve Players In Planning Practices

If you are a coach, try beginning practice by telling players the entire practice plan. You probably have it written down already.  Just hand it out. It is the responsibility of a good coach to know the skills his players need to develop. In that plan include a time period where the players decide what is best for the team or them personally, based on the last game. If players have a hard time speaking with coaches, they should write down the skills that are important for them to learn.

Helping Student Athletes Perform At Their Best: A Game Plan for Sports Moms

Today's sports moms do much more than juggle schedules and drive athletes to and from games. Moms are committed to going the extra mile to ensure that their kids are well-rested, well-nourished, well-hydrated and mentally prepared to perform at their best, both in the classroom and on the playing field.  To help your kids achieve peak performance, here's a ten-point "game plan" to address time, nutrition and performance concerns.

2010 FIFA World Cup: Great Teaching Opportunity for Parents

The 2010 FIFA World Cup not only provides a chance to watch with your children the best players in the world's most popular sport competing on the biggest stage of all, but it is provides a wonderful teaching opportunity as well: to teach children about national pride, sportsmanship, teamwork, and world geography.

Desire To Excel in Sports Needs To Be Child's, Not Parent's

When is the desire to excel a child's and when is it the parents'?  When does a parent cross the line from supportive to pushy? Sports parents should always remember to think about their motives for encouraging their child to play a certain sport or to attain a specific goal.

Athletic Values, Leadership Skills Need to Be Taught in Youth Sports

The vast majority of children who play youth sports don't end up in the pros. So what is the real purpose of amateur sports? Most parents will say for children to learn athletic values and leadership skills.  But exactly how does that happen? As a culture, we expect student-athletes will become leaders by merely participating in sports. But these values need to be taught.
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